“Incredibly supportive and nurturing,

Ron always has a huge smile on her face whenever I log into my early morning zoom class. 

I have come to connect with my body in an entirely new way, feeling the best I have in years. 

Each session is challenging, in the best way, and no two sessions are ever the same. 

I wouldn't dream of practicing with anyone else."

— VIC, Club Ronny Member


"I've been doing 1:1 classes with Ronny twice a week since March. 
I have never been more consistent with my fitness and I now feel more connected than ever with my body. 

She understands that everyone has different needs as well as wants and will always tune into how your body is feeling to give it the loving it deserves!" 

— GREG, Club Ronny Member


"Sassy and super smart about how the body works, Sharon will make you look forward to the next time she kicks your ass. 

Beginners and advanced movers alike will enjoy every minute of her classes, getting stronger with every movement"

— DANIEL, Club Ronny Member


"Pilates at Club Ronny is the best kind - no bullshit and all the burn!

Sharon teaches great classes and is amazing at explaining whacky movements in an easy to understand way. She knows so much about the body and is constantly sharing her knowledge!

A session with Ronny will make you sweaaaat. If it doesn't - don't think it was an easy one until you've woken up and tried to walk the next morning!

What Ronny lacks in counting ability, she makes up for in dad jokes, having the best energy and most positive attitude. 

It's infectious.

No question about it - Club Ronny is my go to for Pilates" 

— LILLI, Club Ronny Member


"I recently participated in a virtual Pilates class led by Sharon Liu. Just getting in touch to say that the class was delivered really well and Sharon has a great way of explaining things which helps in getting the movement right! Thank you!" 

— EBONY, Club Ronny Member


"Just so people know, Ronny's countdowns can be a bit uh, ambiguous.... Call me" 

— CHRIS, Club Ronny Member


"Sharon has been an amazing support to me throughout my Pilates journey. I was apprehensive to take up Pilates, but having Sharon guide me from the beginning has been truly invaluable. 

She is always focused on helping me achieve my goals. Every session is challenging and fun! 

Sharon always checks in on my technique and provides supportive feedback. Since starting with Pilates, my fitness has increased noticeably and I've seen improvements in my flexibility and core strength.


I can not thank Sharon enough for her ongoing support throughout my Pilates journey and am looking forward to many more amazing times ahead!"

— ASH, Club Ronny Member


"I've been training with Sharon for over a year now and I really enjoy her energetic, fun and no BS approach to Pilates! 
Every sequence has a flow and you definitely feel the burn. Her beautiful nature and sense of humour make the experience so much more enjoyable! We have transitioned seamlessly from in real life to Zoom sessions which has been a life saver during the lock downs. Highly recommend!"

— ZENA, Club Ronny Member


"Ronny makes me feel driven! Her kind guidance and support makes me want to work harder, gain more strength and core stability. Her gentle encouragement pushes me to work that little bit harder, she's wonderful! Thank you Ronny!"

— MEG, Club Ronny Member


""I've been with training with Ronny for over a year in small group Reformer Pilates, 1:1 sessions and also remotely via Zoom sessions. She makes each session equally fun and seriously challenging!

She takes the time to know and build a relationship with you so she is aware of your needs and goals. She is incredibly supportive and her cute and caring personality are definitely noticeable!

Her passion for fitness and her endless variety of exercises kept me motivated and looking forward to attending her classes every week!

She is always encouraging, highly motivating and genuinely cares for all her clients. 

I would recommend Ronny to anyone who wants to improve their fitness/health or who simply wants a fun and very effective way of staying active!

She is just the best in what she does and I was so lucky to find her."

— FOFI, Club Ronny Member


"I've done Pilates with the Reformer machine sporadically over the past 5 years, however this was my first time without the machine and I LOVED it!
I really enjoyed the exercises and the amount of stretching - I was sore over the weekend but was still able to move thanks to the stretches :)
I also enjoyed Ronny's commentary... very funny!"  

— GEORGIA, Club Ronny Member