On Saturday 1st August, at 7:00PM, we held our first stretch party at the club! Together we raised $1238 in support of Lifeline Australia! We couldn't have done it without your support x

Club Ronny is most importantly, a community. One of our very first intentions was to help fundraise for a cause and make a positive impact to the wider community. We hope to continue doing this in one way or another and celebrate the joy in giving. Mental health can be a tough journey and we believe that compassion is a teacher like no other.

Lifeline Australia is a national charity providing all Australians with access to emotional support all day, everyday. They are a crisis and suicide prevention hotline for anyone experiencing emotional hardship. "We exist so that no person in Australia has to face their darkest moments alone."

'Flash Dance' Fundraiser took place on Saturday night to acknowledge the darker, lonelier times. The weekends alone watching the world pass by, the sleepless nights, the chattering thoughts. With the new normalcy of isolation, aren't we so lucky to have such easy access to others? We invite you to reflect on this: In a world where almost everything can be observed from the comfort of your own home and lived vicariously, how do you find yourself engaging?

What's something that you can commit to that will connect you to yourself more?

Often times, our smallest commitments make the biggest impact.

When's the last time you REALLY cleaned the house? Have you watered your plants? Told your friends you love them, and why? Your mental health is an equilibrium of your habits and the momentum you build. Keep planting your seeds, watch them blossom, smell the roses x

An honest anecdote, from Ronny.

I've been there. Really been there. That place where it's like I clicked 'zoom out' on google maps 100 too many times. I felt lost. Small. Disconnected.

I resentfully became the centre of my own universe and couldn't seem to get a grip.

I was on the outside looking in. An existential, quarter-life, mid-life, whatever you want to call it, crisis.

I was eighteen, 168cm, 43-45kg, obsessed with lamenting over myself. Self-loathing, self-loving; self-involved.

Disordered eating was the facade of an upbringing of dissonance. Being raised in a Western society from a Chinese heritage is really something else.

A combination of movement, acts of service for others, accountability and patience has brought me here, today. I am now twenty four. Actively present, listening and learning. I am here to make you feel seen, valued and heard.

I'm not here to talk about your body fat percentage. The way I see it, Full Body Ronny classes and all movement practices, are a testament to how you respond to the challenges that arise in your life. They're also lots of fun, light hearted and Club Ronny classes are my best crack at a studio experience from the comfort of your own home x Below is an image from @subliming.jpg to help combat the shittier times, head first. Here's to community, compassion and grit <3

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