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Updated: Aug 23, 2020

In a time of travel nostalgia, we decided to check in and write to our friend overseas. Meet Desiree / Des - Melbourne girl, Bali based and creator of the beautiful SWF Boutique.

Ronny was lucky to cross paths with Des through being referred as her Pilates Instructor in Melbourne. Des is the mastermind behind the red dress from our recent laundry shoot!

We are obsessed with fashion as a form of self-expression. In particular, we pay attention to the movement and fabric of the pieces we wear. Design plays a huge part in this and we are in awe of how seamlessly Des manages to create timeless pieces with SWF collections.

Supporting local designers/friends and shopping in a way that means more, to us, is something that we take pride in always. Check out our conversation below!

We speak about all things Bali, Capri, movement and 'Liberty'.

Dear Des,  Hello from Melbourne!  It's Friday, 4:00pm here. I'm writing to you from my favourite reading nook in my living room/office/dance floor with the afternoon sun bouncing off the walls one last time before it sets into the weekend. 

How's your new home in Bali going? It looks beautiful.

Do you have a favourite room/spot yet? 

D: My new home has become a sanctuary for me during this time. The space has a beautiful energy and I feel grounded and at peace here. It is very bright and airy which is something that was important to me, my favourite spot really depends on my mood. 

I wish I could visit and scoot around town with you!

If you could wake up ANYWHERE in the world, where about you be? What would you see/do?

D: I am very grateful to be in Bali. There is a magical feeling here, a strong, spiritual energy that I feel daily. However, if there was somewhere else in the world other than Bali I could wake up in - it would have to be Capri. I am obsessed with Italy, and in particular Capri. It has the most picturesque views and the way Italians live is a lifestyle I could get accustomed to. I hope to spend extended periods there once we can travel again. 

I've recently launched my movement platform. If you could rewind and give your past self a few pearl drops of wisdom RE: SWF and business, what would they be? 

D: It would be to remember you are a consumer, what would you want and expect from a company offering you a service? And go with your gut - you know when something feels right.

Speaking of movement, it's been a hot minute since we've been in the studio together! Remember that time we worked on backbends? I can finally do one (!!)

D: YESSSSS Congratulations! What's your go-to work out/movement thing at the moment? 

D: At the moment it is Pilates (reformer and mat), and I have also been enjoying Booty fit class and tennis.

How did Pilates make you feel when we were at it regularly? 

D: Pilates is my go to exercise, I am obsessed with it! I find it to be the most effective exercise for me and something I can do wherever I am.

It always fascinates me that you were once a podiatrist. What is the best/easiest/no-brainer way we can take care of our feet? 

D: Wash your feet. It doesn’t get simpler than that!

LASTLY, what was the inspiration behind your most recent collection 'Liberty'? It's beautiful. 

D: Liberty celebrates the ultimate liberation and discovery of oneself. Inspiring women to be confident and unapologetic. I believe there is power in self-expression through fashion. I wanted the range to inspire our customers to release themselves from what is holding them back and feel free to love themselves for exactly who they are. Through bold colours, sleek lines and flowing fabrics, Liberty rejoices in the unique.

Signature prints meet contemporary design and combine to create a range that applauds independence and self-discovery. The freedom of speech, the freedom to nurture ourselves and the freedom to explore our identity. Encapsulating vibrant femininity, Liberty allows for freedom of expression and the knowledge you have the right to be yourself. Be the woman you want to be.

Check out @swfboutique on Instagram and treat yourself to your very own timeless piece.

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